Pay Yourself First
You worked hard for what you earned, so reward yourself and put some money into a Savings account before you spend the rest.

Set Financial Goals
Set long and short term financial goals and track them to help stay on track with your financial goals. Examples of goals could be pay off Car loan, or grow savings to 2000 cedis, etc.

Save Your Spare Change
Take all the spare change you get, coins, 1 and 2 cedi notes and save them. Tiny droplets make a mighty river.

Cook larger portions
The more you cook the more you will have leftover. This means you will have food that lasts you longer, because you will have more portions of it. This will save you time on money on buying extra groceries.

Pack A Lunch
I do this all the time. Packing a lunch, can save you a lot of money. If you spend 10 cedis on lunch everyday, thats 50 cedis a week. in a month thats 200 cedis. You can buy ingredients to make food for a week for 10 to 20 cedis. You do the math.