Here’s the problem: Somehow between childhood and adulthood, many of us squash our natural inclinations to dream and do big things. 

When you think about all the struggles we go through in life, most of it comes from our self-limiting beliefs. When we’re stuck, it’s not because we are held back by someone else. It’s because we are holding ourselves back. 

When you replace negative limits in your beliefs about yourself with positive images that focus on your potential, your success increases exponentially.

Answer these questions truthfully:

Have you ever:

  • Sat silently in a meeting, afraid of sounding dumb if you shared an idea?
  • Allowed others to decide for you because you doubted yourself?
  • Shied away from an opportunity because you questioned your ability?
  • Been cynical, jealous or angry about other people’s successes?
  • Wondered privately whether you’ll ever amount to anything significant?

If you answered “yes” to at least three of those five common situations, you’re a self-doubter.