Save More or Earn More

Saving Money Vrs Earning Money

Sep 26, 2015

Usually when people are trying to grow their income, or develop better financial habits, they look up how to save more money. Now saving money is not a bad thing, but the tips that we find or are told hardly work, are not sustainable and are damn right depressing.Continue Reading

Budget Your Life

How To Budget Your Life

Sep 16, 2015

A lot of people don’t know how to draw up a budget. Here is a guide to help you track your monthly expenses and get on your way to financial freedom. (Not each section will apply to you. If it doesn’t just put in a zero and move on. To help I have included an excel sheet you can DOWNLOAD to help with this.

Monthly Income
After taxes, how much money do you earn each month. This includes all steady streams of money that you get (retainers, etc).Continue Reading

5 money saving tips

5 Money Saving Tips You Can Apply Now

Sep 16, 2015

Pay Yourself First
You worked hard for what you earned, so reward yourself and put some money into a Savings account before you spend the rest.

Set Financial Goals
Set long and short term financial goals and track them to help stay on track with your financial goals. Examples of goals could be pay off Car loan, or grow savings to 2000 cedis, etc.Continue Reading

5 Cedis

Quick Money Saving Tip

Sep 15, 2015

Saving is something that comes easy to some but is tough for others. Here is a quick tip that you can use to save money that will be extremely frutiful in the end. Take every GHS5 note that comes into your possession. Put it in a container, under your mattress, in your wardrobe, or whatever hiding place you can find and DON’T TOUCH IT. Do this over a year and you will have some disposable income to enjoy your Christmas. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Also if you have money saving tips of your own, do share.