Once the blog is set up, the next step is to start to develop content around your topic. First thing to do is to write a list of potential topics that you could write about in an excel sheet that are around your niche keyword. My keyword being “natural weight loss remedies” my topics were generally around losing weight, remedies, etc. 

List of blog topics

An easy way to come up with topics is to use amazon.com. Go to Amazon.com and look for the book section.

amazon books Once at the books section, type your niche keyword into the search bar and press enter.


You will get a list of  books that are around your topic. Now all you have to do is go through the results and check out their table of contents. For example in my search i got these results:

amazon results

Find the books that have the most relevance to your niche keyword, or if you have time you can go through all of them. Just to demonstrate, i picked this book:

book result

So click on the book and youget taken to the product page. On the product page there is a little link that you are looking for. It basically gives you a preview of the book and its contents. It’s the “Look Inside” Link which is usually over the book. Once you click on that link it opens up a preview of the book and you are able to scroll down to the table of contents and find content ideas there.

Look inside link

table of contents in look inside

The great thing about this is that you can pick the best sellers or top books and you know that the topics they are addressing are very popular becuase the book is a top seller.

Anyway once i had my topics, I could write them myself or outsource them and have someone else write them for me. I found someone to write the 12 articles for me at GHS20 an article coming up to GHS240 over a two week period and then i got to work on my WOW piece of content.