Usually when people are trying to grow their income, or develop better financial habits, they look up how to save more money. Now saving money is not a bad thing, but the tips that we find or are told hardly work, are not sustainable and are damn right depressing.

You find advice like save 20% of your income. Cut back on your spending (which makes your life boring and unbearable). These may be fine for a while, but what if you want to save more? Does that mean that you have to cut back more? There is a limit to how much you can cut back on. But guess what there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Let’s take this example. If you want an extra GHS1000 in the bank every month, how would you go about it?


  • You would save between 25% to 40% of your income
  • no more eating out
  • no more movies or entertainment
  • take the cheapest transportation (tro tro)
  • no more going out
  • reduce how much phone credit you buy

Earn More:

  • Spend 2 hours  a day testing out ideas. (basically looking at things you are good at… from design, to cooking, driving, math, singing, writing, martial arts and seeing which one is a potential idea) Check out my post on how to come up with a killer business idea
  • Once you have your idea, create your service offering. (develop what it is that you can offer your clients that they can pay you for).
  • Identify 50 leads (potential clients), and pitch your business idea to them.
  • If you get one client, that is an extra GHS1000 in the bank for you.

The beauty about this is if you can earn GHS50 you can earn GHS500. If you can earn GHS500 you can earn GHS5000. (So why do you want to work for people again?) Not only is earning money more scalable but it is also more sustainable because you do not have to make huge sacrifices or change your lifestyle drastically.