Ghana is a great place to set up a company and start working. You don’t need a lot to set up a nice life and be comfortable here, however nothing is easy. These are just two things that have been the hardest in my opinion.

  1. Finding good employees is near impossible.

Look back at my article about four lessons i learnt from my job you will remember how i mentioned that Ghanaians tend to work because they need to not because they want to. This means that you get people who aren’t passionate about their work, but just do the bare minimum to survive (again this is my experience so calm down). Also it means there is no hunger to learn which is very problematic. The ones who are capable will either come with a large bill attached (as they should because they know their worth), or do not want to be employees and start their own thing. It is in your best interest to find someone who is hungry and teachable and groom them, but know that down the line, they will eventually become your competition.

2. Getting paid is a bitch.

Ghanaians are the kings of “you start work and we’ll talk money later”. Basically never start work on anything till you have everything agreed, laid out and signed on paper. Even then, collecting money will be a problem. You will hear every excuse in the book, be given the runaround. This is when you start to play the let me call them from different phone numbers game which can be fun because you get to hear various excuses as to why they didn’t pick up your call but they did a strangers call. You will have to chase your money. That is just the bottom line, and sometimes, you wont get paid. That is the lay of the land.

These are in my opinion the two hardest parts of doing business in Ghana. What are yours?